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Get in shape, build confidence and discipline, and learn to defend yourself, all while having fun! Enjoy improving your mental and physical health like never before.



Technique, drilling, sparring, conditioning, Q & A, whatever you need to improve, we can practice.

With most of our regular classes unable to run, personal lessons are the best way to practice.

 Starting with one on one instruction, these sessions are more specific to your needs. Try one this week!

Lessons: $30/h + Travel



In these sessions we'll be learning about punching, kicking, blocking, dodging, and footwork. Striking is about attacking, defending, and positioning while on your feet.

  We follow a mixed martial arts approach with techniques from Karate, Kung fu, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.


In these sessions we'll be learning about weight, balance, grips, chokes, joint locks, and take-downs. Grappling is about controlling your opponent's space and movement, while finding opportunities for escape or submission.

  We will be learning techniques and methods from Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Tai Chi (push hands).


  Gentle, flowing movements characterize Tai Chi. If you feel your movements haven't been "gentle" or "flowing" in a while, practicing Tai Chi may be a great benefit to your quality of life.

  The aim of Tai Chi is to create balance in movement; not too stiff, not too limp. With consistent practice, you will find yourself becoming more graceful and stable in your movement.


Characterized by deep breathing and stretching, some have nicknamed Qi Gong, Kung-Fu Yoga
  Qi Gong 氣功 translates to mean, "breathing practice". 氣 Qi = Air, 功 Gong (or Kung) = Practice.

Qigong is a metarobic exercise, like Yoga and Tai Chi. This means low intensity movement combined with deep breathing. Expect to leave these sessions feeling rejuvenated!

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We are now able to offer Tai Chi in the park!
Unfortunately many of our regular classes remain shut down due to the COVID-19 Outbreak.

The only way to get better in the martial arts is to put in the time. We're here to practice, week after week.

Schedule and Pricing



Sundays, 10am - Head Lake Park, Haliburton

Contact for interest in a Minden Class.

  Tai Chi is based on balance and fluid movement. You can expect slow, twisting movements that loosen the joints and ease muscle tension. Tai Chi is meditation in motion.

  In this class we focus on basic posture and breathing, shifting weight, softening the hips and shoulders, and using the waist to guide our movement.

Winter Practice


My aim is to enrich Martial Arts culture in Haliburton County.

  I remember discovering at age 7 that kids were allowed to learn Karate. I came home from school begging to start right away. It was a blast to get to practice cool moves, and any bullying I had experienced at school quickly evaporated. I kept it up until my instructor moved, having earned a brown belt (one short of black).

  As a young adult I learned martial arts wherever I was living, picking up bits and pieces of several. I'm a big fan of the mixed martial arts approach. Different situations require varying responses, and no martial art is complete on it's own. 

  Over time I became attracted to the philosophy behind Kung Fu, and began to practice more seriously again. Kung Fu (gongfu) refers to skill gained through consistent effort; constantly trying to improve oneself, no matter the context. To me this notion is the divide between "fighting" and "martial arts". Whatever skill one practices, this attitude makes it kung fu.

  Most of what I teach is based around whole body mechanics. For the last several years I have focused on Tai Chi, and spent some time in China to learn a solid Kung Fu foundation in Xin Yi Ba (video credit to my roommate). These closely related arts emphasize twisting the waist to guide all the body's movements.

  Though I began with the fighting side of the Martial arts, I became attracted to the refinement of movement. Both facets hold great benefits to physical and mental health. It is my aim to bring this combination to Haliburton County and enrich the martial arts culture. I am currently learning Brazillian Jiu Jitsu to round out my skill set, and would love to see other martial arts come to Haliburton County.



Take the first step and reach out, the next step is to show up!

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