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Find Your Balance

Get in shape, build confidence, learn to defend yourself, and have fun! Enjoy improving your mental and physical health like never before.

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Mindfulness &
Body Awareness
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Self Defense &
Combat Sports

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Martial Arts?


Mindfulness and Body Awareness

Deep Breathing, Gentle Movement, and a Relaxed Mind.

 Practice Meditation in Motion.

Learn to move more gracefully and comfortably as you cultivate balance, posture, and sensitivity to motion.

Now offering Online Lessons.

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Qi Gong

Invigorate Your Body and Mind

A combination of deep breathing and mindful movement, some have nicknamed Qi Gong; Kung-Fu Yoga
  Qi Gong 氣 功 translates to mean, "breathing practice". 氣 Qi = Air, 功 Gong (or Kung) = Practice.

Qigong is a metarobic exercise, like Yoga and Tai Chi. This means low intensity movement combined with deep breathing. Expect to leave these sessions feeling rejuvenated!

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Tai Chi

Meditation in Motion

  Tai Chi is based on balance and fluid movement. You can expect slow, twisting movements that loosen the joints and ease muscle tension.

  In this class we focus on basic posture and breathing, shifting weight, softening the hips and shoulders, and using the waist to guide our movement.


We will be practicing outside, but you will warm up fast, so be sure to dress in layers!

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Self Defense and Combat Sports

Learn how to Control a Fight, Stand Up for Yourself, and Mitigate Violence.

With most of our regular classes unable to run, personal lessons are the best way to practice.

 Starting with one on one instruction, these sessions are more specific to your needs.

Now offering limited Online Lessons.

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"Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee
- Muhammed Ali


In these sessions we'll be learning about punching, kicking, blocking, dodging, and footwork. Striking is about attacking, defending, and positioning while on your feet.

  We follow a mixed martial arts approach with techniques from Karate, Kung fu, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

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Close Range and Ground Techniques


In these sessions we'll be learning about weight, balance, grips, chokes, joint locks, and take-downs. Grappling is about controlling your opponent's space and movement, while finding opportunities for escape or submission.

  We will be learning techniques and methods from Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, and Tai Chi.

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Kelly Outram

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