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Who's Teaching?

Kelly Outram

  I remember discovering at age 7 that kids were allowed to learn Karate. I came home from school begging to start right away. It was a blast to get to practice cool moves, and any bullying I had experienced at school quickly evaporated. I kept it up until my instructor moved, having earned a brown belt (the last one before black belt).


  As a young adult I learned martial arts wherever I was living, picking up bits and pieces of several. I'm a big fan of the mixed martial arts approach. Different situations require varying responses, and no martial art is complete on it's own. 


  Over time I became attracted to the philosophy behind Kung Fu, and began to practice more seriously again. Kung Fu (gongfu) refers to skill gained through consistent effort; constantly trying to improve oneself, no matter the context. To me this notion is the divide between "fighting" and "martial arts". Whatever skill one practices, this attitude makes it kung fu.


  Most of what I teach is based around whole body mechanics. For several years I focused on Tai Chi, and spent some time in China to learn a solid Kung Fu foundation in Xin Yi Ba. These closely related arts emphasize twisting the waist to guide all the body's movements.  For the last several years and ongoing, I have been dedicating my practice to Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (currently holding a brown belt), and exploring Wrestling, Judo, and Muay Thai to round out my skill set.


  I began with the fighting side of the Martial arts, and later became attracted to the refinement of movement. Both facets hold great benefits to physical and mental health. It is my aim to bring this combination to Haliburton County and enrich the martial arts culture here.

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