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Scenic Qi Gong

A scenic hike with frequent Qi Gong stops

  • 2 hours
  • 90 Canadian dollars
  • K.O. Martial Arts

Service Description

A combination of deep breathing and light stretching, some have nicknamed Qi Gong; Kung-Fu Yoga. Qi Gong 氣功 translates to mean, "breathing practice" or "Vital Energy Cultivation". 氣 Qi = Air/breath/energy, 功 Gong (or Kung) = Practice. Qi Gong is a metarobic exercise, like Yoga and Tai Chi. This means low intensity, mindful movement combined with deep breathing to rejuvenate the body. We can choose from a variety of hikes in Haliburton County to customize your experience!

Contact Details

  • K.O. Martial Arts

    + 705-457-7884

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